10 Ways to get Flight Itinerary for visa (Updated 2022)

Whenever you apply for any visa, there are some common documents that you need to submit such as flight itinerary (not flight ticket), proof of accommodation (hotel) & a valid Schengen approved travel insurance covering COVID . While we have separate articles covering other topics, this article will show you how you can get flight itinerary for visa application in 10 different ways & cover both the free and paid options.

During visa application, you use something called a flight itinerary. This may have several names such as travel itinerary, proof of onward travel, flight reservation or booking but what is a flight itinerary ?

Flight itinerary simply means the most probable flight you will take once your visa is approved, this means that you cannot take a random flight lets say, Qatar Airlines with 30 hr layover in Saudi Arabia and create an itinerary, but choose a flight which you will mostly buy if your visa is approved. Make sure that your flight itinerary is believable.

Click here to see a sample flight itinerary

1. Using FlightGen App to create flight itinerary

This app was introduced in 2022 and is the fastest, cheapest option to make a flight itinerary. In fact we buy their unlimited itineraries plan for $10 almost everyday to create our own itineraries.

You can download flight itinerary app for both IOS or Android phones.

FlightGen – Flight itinerary for visa on IOS

FlightGen – Flight Itinerary for Android

The main benefit of using FlightGen app as mentioned in the playstore:

  • Choose Your Flight Route : You can create an itinerary for an actual flight that you will mostly take once your visa is approved. So in case at the immigration they make a routine check, the itinerary that you submit will match with the flight information your provided, this is super important. Also you have the choice of creating an itinerary for business or first class tickets.
  • Pricing : You pay a flat fee $10 to generate unlimited itineraries for 24 hours. The cheapest options online is $15 from other sources this is per itinerary.
  • Your Native Currency : Other websites will give you your flight itinerary in USD only. This is not trustworthy and may lead to rejections of your visa. Why would a Chinese citizen have his flight booking in USD ? Does it make sense ?
  • Instant flight itinerary: Generate your flight itinerary in just 30 seconds !! .It is as easy as making a flight search, enter your name and passport details and click on Create Itinerary and your itinerary is ready to download after checking.
  • Unlimited Applicants : On other sites you need to pay per applicant, so if you are travelling with your spouse & children, you need to pay for each and every applicant. With FlightGen, 1行程最多可容纳10名旅客 所以你是按行程付费,而不是按人付费!
  • 易用性 :是否要填写无用的结帐表单并完成付款,然后等待它们处理您的订单?如果你在大使馆,需要快速纠正怎么办?使用FlightGen,您可以在几秒钟内创建行程并打印出来。
  • 安全与安保:你知道在一个未知的网站上输入你的信用卡详细信息是不安全的,要获得退款甚至更难。使用FlightGen,您的卡是安全的,因为它们从不询问您的卡的详细信息,您受到IOS或PlayStore的保护,您只能通过iApp购买来使用它们进行支付。
  • 卓越的客户支持: 如果您对行程有任何疑问,您可以随时拨打电话、whatsApp或发送电子邮件。



2. Buy flight itinerary, hotel & insurance from us


我们从2015年开始提供此软件包,现在到处都出现了许多山寨网站。 您可以通过以下链接为您选择合适的套餐,向我们预订您的套餐。

3. Buy flight itinerary from others

目前有100多个网站以 “航班预订“为了高昂的费用。


但我们不建议这样做,因为您 现在为visa提供伪造文件 .

相反,您所能做的就是使用航班行程,在您的 个人求职信 您将在签证过程中提交。


别相信我们这是一个网站的引用,他们不清楚,强烈建议您稍后再收到预订。 请相信我们,如果您提交的航班预订无效,您的签证将被拒绝。


现在是 强制性的 申请新冠肺炎相关旅行保险。每天只需1美元的旅行保险 访问者平均数。通用域名格式

Covid travel insurance

4. Buy a fully refundable ticket

在申请许多签证时,你需要出示一种叫做 维持证明. 这意味着你在欧洲每天至少需要100欧元,例如申根签证。





5. Use airline Website for free holding flight tickets




6. Use Yatra.com for free flight reservation



7. Use ticket holding feature for a fee on Airlines website


例如,联合航空公司(United Airlines)有一个名为Farelock的功能,允许您持票3到7天,费用为10美元。英国航空公司(British Airways)也有类似的选择,称为3天的保留航班,费用为10美元。



8. Speak to a local travel agent


But the con here is the time it takes to get an itinerary, you need to visit a physical store to get your itinerary and also may need to visit time if you have to make changes in your plan.

9. Use Airmiles to block your ticket

You can use your credit card airmiles to make a booking on your ticket and once you are ready to buy you can do so. Many loyalty cards have the option of using hold, for example, American airlines card has the option to hold for 5 days which is called AAAdvantage Hold.


This option works perfectly fine for visa applications. This service is offered free of charge for the airline award members.

You must have a frequent flyer account and a few thousand miles to avail this option. It may not be useful for visa applications that take longer than 5 days to approve.

10. Use 24 hold option on many online booking sites.

If you need a ticket which you need to only show at the immigration then you can book a full ticket and cancel them within 24 hours. This is our least favourite option as it is very risky. The refund will take more than 15 days and if you fail to cancel your ticket within 24 hours, you will not get any refund.

This option is useful when you are 99% confident of your travel plan but just in case you are having second thoughts you have 24 hours to cancel.

  • United Airlines | Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Expedia | Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Priceline | Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Orbitz | Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Travelocity | Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Yatra | Free cancellation within the same day of booking

Tickets from budget airlines, such as AirAsia cannot be canceled even when booked on Expedia/Priceline/Orbitz. You must read the fine print on the checkout page carefully to make sure that the ticket can be canceled for free within 24 hours. For more information, check out my step-by-step guide on how to book flight tickets with 24 hour FREE cancellation on Expedia.

Beware of Scammers

There are many online sources who are selling temporary bookings with PNR and this is the first reason for rejection of your Schengen visa. Never Submit forged documents for your visa application.

These flight “reservations” will expire anywhere between 24 hours to a week. What would happen when the consulate goes and verifies the same on the airline? You would have your visa rejected since you are forging fake documents. In fact, this is the first reason to get a visa rejected. You should prefer being honest in your documents rather than provide fake flight tickets.

Schengen visa reasons for rejection

Mention in your Schengen visa cover letter that you are submitting a flight itinerary and will purchase the Flight ticket once your visa is approved and you will be fine in 99% of the cases.

In 1% of the case, the consul may ask for additional documents to be emailed and insist on an actual flight ticket but that is far better than getting your Schengen visa (or any visa) outright rejected.

Is Flight Itinerary accepted by the consulate when you apply for your visa ?

Yes. Flight itinerary is not only accepted, but also recommended by the consulate.

Here is the official Schengen visa requirement from the Spanish consulate

Official Spain consulate

Please provide an email confirmation or website screenshot print out
of your intended flight itinerary either direct from the airline clearly showing you
计划出发日期和路线。 我们强烈建议您在签证到期之前不要购买机票

VFSGlobal的官方要求也是如此。 阅读下面的报价











Instead submit a flight itinerary and you will be fine and mention the same in your cover letter. You may be asked to submit an actual flight ticket for approval in worst cases.

Can we book flight ticket before getting visa ?

It is generally not recommended, even by the spanish consulate to make a booking before you get visa. Especially during the pandemic. But if you really want to make a booking then why not book a refundable ticket and once you visa is approved, you can change your ticket. But note that you will still need to pay a fee around 10% of your booking value as change fee.

Do i need to book tickets before applying for schengen visa ?

According to the Spanish consulate, you need not book your flight ticket before applying for Schengen visa. You can use a flight itinerary and once your visa is approved, you can book an actual ticket.

Do i need to book tickets before applying for UK visa ?

Flight tickets are not a necessity for a UK visitor visa. In a UK Visit Visa Application, the intended date of travel holds importance. The key word here is ‘intended date of travel’. Hence, showing an intention to travel to the UK in the near future to visit would be sufficient to support your visit visa application to the UK.