Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa in 5 Easy Steps (Updated 2019 )

Schengen travel insurance is one of the items on the checklist for anyone applying for a Schengen visa. As per Schengen visa requirements,

A one-page document stating that the applicant is covered by a Schengen Travel Medical Insurance, i.e. minimum medical coverage of the equivalent of at least €30.000 for all medical expenses, including repatriation dead or alive, occurring in any Schengen country.

We are happy to announce that we are now writing a free cover letter for Schengen visa application for all our customers in association with visitorscoverage,是最便宜、最可靠的申根签证保险提供商 从每天1欧元开始.


使现代化 :现在是 强制性的 在国外旅行时购买新冠病毒保险。单击下面的链接以成本价购买新冠肺炎保险。 

因此,您需要为申根签证购买旅行保险,该保险连同保险副本应提供一页的确认函,通常称为 申根签证保险函


上述信函需要作为您的 申根签证文件. 如上所述,本保险为您投保45000欧元,高于申根签证申请所需的最低限额,且必须为0免赔额。

如果你不知道什么是 0免赔申根保险,然后我们在本文末尾的常见问题部分对此进行了解释



  • €30,000 insurance cover (Our suggested insurance provides € 45,000)
  • 0 deductible insurance
  • 1-page insurance letter
  • Covers repatriation & evacuation charges






在这里,您必须提供有关您旅行的详细信息,如您要去哪里、保险开始和结束日期以及其他详细信息。你可以 向下滚动并输入其他信息。








What is the deductible component in Schengen insurance? Why should the deductible component be $0 for complying with Schengen visa requirements?

A policy deductible is the dollar amount of covered expenses that a client will be responsible for paying in the event of a claim. For any insured claim, covered expenses are first applied to the extra-provincial health care benefits as provided for by the client’s provincial health insurance plan.

What this means is that you will need to provide an amount from your pocket before you claim your insurance. When getting travel insurance for a Schengen visa, you need insurance with $0 deductible. Although some of the consulates would consider insurance which is not $0 deductible, it is best that you get one without a deductible.

What are the requirements for Schengen visa travel insurance?

  • €30,000 insurance cover (Our suggested insurance provides € 45,000)
  • 0 deductible insurance
  • 1-page insurance letter
  • Covers repatriation & evacuation charges

How to get cheap travel insurance for a Schengen visa?

Insurance prices are regulated by law. That means the insurance cost cannot change from one insurance website to another like flight or hotel charges. So you will find the insurance cost the same if you even decide to look for it.

But if you buy from our website, we will get a commission and help us in maintaining a high standard of a website.

Can you provide us with Schengen visa Travel Insurance?

If you are uncomfortable in buying the insurance online, we can of course, buy it for you and make sure that you get the right insurance for your plans. But be noted that we will add a markup of $10 per purchase of insurance since we need to spend our time on it.

Can I cancel my insurance if my trip gets cancelled?

Yes !! If your trip is cancelled, send an email to track and you will get your insurance cost refunded to you.

Can I get a refund if I do not want to use this insurance?

Yes !! you can drop an email to track international and get the whole insurance cost refunded to you. But please note that you can cancel insurance before the policy becomes active.

What is a flight itinerary? Is it accepted by the Schengen consulate?

Of course, in fact all the embassies mention the same. We have added links to the official visa pages which you can verify.

France Consulate

Your travel itinerary : you MUST BOOK your airline ticket but do not purchase until the visa has been approved.

Spain consulate

We recommend that you do not purchase travel tickets until your visa has been approved. On the other hand, you may provide us with a reservation, a planned itinerary or an online printout of a roundtrip ticket.

Netherland consulate

Travel reservation to and from schengen area, not a ticket. Note: Make travel reservation which you can cancel

Germany consulate

Flight (roundtrip)/travel reservations and full itinerary (if several Schengen States will be visited or if the trip covers several Schengen States and non-Schengen countries) with the name of passenger and one copy

Italy consulate

Round trip ticket/reservation, originating in this jurisdiction to Europe (and ultimately to Italy) and back, including internal entry and exit points of travel i.e. EURORAIL tickets, car rental, internal flights. The names on reservations have to reflect the names on passports.

We can provide you with flight itineraries which is accepted by not only for Schengen visa but for all visas. We have customers using the same flight itinerary for Malaysia visa, Singapore visa, India visa, UK visa, etc.

In fact, the European union visa requirements for visa states the same.

As per the official document,

Round trip reservation or itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Schengen state.Schengen authorities accept the itinerary when applying for the visa but request the original air ticket when visa is collected.






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